Exclusively 50 Caliber Paintball Guns

Less Weight, Less Mess, and Less Sting!

We now use exclusively 50 caliber paintballs for a better experience!


50 caliber paintball

Our customer base is becoming much more diversified. But up until now, some did not want to play paintball because they were worried it would sting too much when they got hit, leave bruises, and mess up their clothes. But with the advent of the 50 caliber paintball guns, this has all changed!

These guns shoot a smaller paintball, in fact, the 50 caliber paintball guns shoot a paintball that is 1/3 the weight.  And the guns are tuned to a slightly slower speed which means when playing with the 50 caliber paintball guns, you get hit with less than 1/3 the sting. In actual lab testing, it was showed that they transfer only 5 joules of energy versus over 13 joules of energy for the standard size paintball.

50 caliber paintball guns Lab testing is one thing, but we wanted to see what the customers thought, so we got in a dozen of the 50 caliber paintball guns and tested them for a few weeks with the toughest judges we could find… our guests! And they loved them! Not only do the hits sting less, but the 50 caliber paintball guns are much easier to carry and easier and faster to aim. You can see from the picture that the 50 caliber gun (on the bottom) uses a much smaller tank. Because it takes less energy to get the smaller paintball moving, the tank can be a fraction of the size, and yet, the small tank on the 50 caliber paintball gun will shoot more paintballs that the big heavy tank on the 68 caliber!

So if you have some folks that want to play, feel free to bring them on by, and we’ll let them hold and 50 Caliber Paintball Gun Comparisonshoot one of the new 50 caliber guns to see how they like it!  Since we don’t allow the bigger guns, you never have to worry about getting shot with the big ones!

While the 50 caliber paintball guns are one of the driving factors behind our field, there are many other aspects that make a GatSplat facility a Low Impact Paintball facility.

50 Caliber is not just for Kids!

And you don’t have to be under 10 to use the 50 caliber. We’ve had lots of corporate groups choose the 50 caliber as well.  Also very popular with Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, school events and more.  The 50 caliber will not leave nasty welts like standard paintball.  It is much easier to clean from your clothes, and your car!  So, it’s 1/3 the sting, 1/3 the mess… and 3 times the fun!

The superior 50 Caliber paintball gun is just one more reason why GatSplat Indoor Paintball is the number one destination for paintball birthday parties, paintball bachelor parties, and corporate groups and now makes for a very Safe Paintball Environment!


Some recent groups using 50 Cal (click to enlarge)

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