Nerf Parties in the Dallas Ft Worth Area

Nerf Parties have grown in popularity, and now there is a place to host one so you don’t have 20 kids shooting Nerf darts in your house!

You have found the ultimate place to host your Nerf Parties in the DFW Metroplex.

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Nemesis Rival Nerf Guns at GatSplat Nerf Wars

Nerf Parties are an excellent alternative to paintball.

If you have young children that think paintball is too much – try Nerf!
Even with our low impact paintball suitable for ages as young as 6, some younger kids just want to do something different. We offer Nerf parties down to age 5, and at some locations, you can even do Nerf Parties and Paintball at the same time, so the bigger kids can play Paintball while the younger ones play Nerf.

How long are Nerf Birthday Parties

One and a Half Hour of Play

Plus another half hour of table time for your food or cake.
We limit to just 30 players any given time period. That means if you book in a package of 10, there may be another group of 20, or 2 other groups of 10 playing at the same time. If you choose to book a group of 30, the entire field is yours for the hour and a half block. Either way, after the play, you can then kick back for 30 minutes of table time for opening presents, pizza, cake, or any other food you want to bring.

All New Electronic Rival Guns!

These are the neatest – newest guns out there!
We have the safety goggles, and Nerf Rival Nemesis guns and all the ammo. We do Private Games and Public Games. In public games we will only allow our guns – in private games, you have the option of bringing your own as well, as long as they shoot the round, foam Rival bullets. We no longer use the plastic tip darts for both fun and safety!

And best to leave all your ammo at home. We have ours treated to glow in the dark for the black light games – and your own ammo would probably just get lost.

Birthday Party Cakes and food - bring in your own food for your Nerf party

Bring food, Cake, Pizza, and Drinks.

Bring anything you want to make it your Nerf party.
Bring in your own decorations, food, drinks (just no alcohol). We sell water, soda, Gatorade, energy drinks, but if you want to bring your own, help yourself. And if you need help bringing in a cooler – just let us know. We have pizza places that deliver to all our locations, but feel free to use anyone you want! Make it your party!

We ask that you bring all the items you need, like plates, napkins, etc, but if you forgot something, ask us before you run to the store because we do keep some emergency supplies.

Free GatSplat Birthday Nerf Party Gift

A special gift for the Birthday boy or girl!

A Free Gift for the Guest of Honor! A Custom stamped stainless steel military dog tag.
A great goody bag gift idea for the guests, personalized dog tags are just $ 5.00. The guest ones will be marked Private, but the guest of honor will automatically get a free one – and he’s upgraded to Private 1st Class. Return wearing a dog tag, and get a new one with the next rank! Move up to Lieutenant, Corporal, and even General with return visits.




















How long are Nerf Birthday Parties

Can We Bring Spectators?

Some… but don’t bring the neighborhood!
We have a limited amount of seating space, and need to keep it reserved for our players – so while you can bring in some hosts – or non playing guests, we have to limit it to the following:
Party of 10 players – 4 guests
Party of 15 players – 6 guests
Party of 20 players – 8 guests
Party of 30 players – 12 guests

Past that, guest will be charged $10 each if we have room for them. And each guest must have a signed waiver and guest wrist band if they are going to be in any live play area. More info can be found on our Spectator Page.

Reserved tables for your birthday Nerf party

We have Reserved a Table for your Nerf Party.

No need to ask, it’s automatically done for you!
When you do your reservation on line, we will make sure we have space for you. Our tables are 8 foot aluminum picnic tables that easily seat 8 – 10 kids. Bringing a group of 14?? Great – we’ll just give you two tables for your crew.

Some people just come play, others want to cover the table, bring food, drinks – no problem! Just bring whatever you want, we’ll supply the proper amount of table space.

Very youCool Fields!

Lights and effects at all locations.
Want to see it in action?

Check out the Video!





















Check out our Nerf Playing Fields

Pick a day and time for your Nerf Party

Check Dates and Times for Nerf Parties

Our locations have different times and dates they can offer Nerf.
As a general rule, Lewisville has Nerf on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday during the summer. Rowlett is adding a dedicated Nerf room, so it will be available any time soon, and Keller offers Nerf on Tuesdays.

All 3 locations can do private Nerf parties on off hours, any day you want with a group of 20. The best way to check dates and times is click the Book button for the location you want, and check what is available. And of course you can always call us, and we can try to help as well!

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