7 year old birthday party ideas. Can we do paintball?

We see a lot of 7 year old paintball birthday parties at our paintball fields. Since we are exclusively a low impact, 50 caliber paintball field, 7 year olds can play and have fun! A low impact paintball experience means our paintballs hit with 1/3 the sting of a normal paintball. If a 7 year old tried to do a party at a standard paintball park, the impact being so much harder, probably would not end well.

Our 50 cal paintballs are more like a good snap with a rubber band.

Now it’s important to note not all 7 year olds are the same. If you snap one 7 year old with a rubber band, he may try to take it from you and snap you back! Another 7 year old may tear up. The last thing we want on a 7 year old birthday party is the guest of honor crying! So part of the secret is dress them up. Loose and layers is the key. Think of a snap with a rubber band on bare flesh, vs on a sweat shirt vs through a sweat shirt with a hoodie worn over it.

You can also see in the picture above, we have camo coveralls, a chest and back protector, and padded gloves that can all be rented for just $10.

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