How do you plan for the number of paintball guests?

We know that it’s impossible to be sure how many paintball players might show up. Anything can happen. Kids can get sick, have a sporting event they need to attend, etc. We see mom’s all the time worrying because they sent out 12 paintball invitations, but only 3 have RSVP’s so far.

No Worries! We'll charge you for the number of paintball players that actually make it!

Just make your best guess on how many players you will have

We understand these things can happen, and that’s why we just ask you to make a best guess on how many paintball guests you will have. Some will guess a bit high, some a bit low. But in the end, it all averages out. We are going to use the guess number to try to calculate how many tables you need, how many paintball guns you will need, etc.

If it’s off though, and you bring some extra paintball players, we’ll just extend a discount rate for them at the door. If you’re off and it’s lower than your guess, we’ll work out the best deal for you.

For example, if you booked the 10 person discount paintball package, and end up with only 9, actually the 10 person price is a better deal so we’ll stick with that. If however, you have only 7, then we’ll roll you back to the 6 person package, and then add on the one additional at the discount rate.

So book in for how many guests you think you will have to play paintball, and we will take it from there.

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