Do you charge us for air if we are playing there?

What?!?! Belive it or not some places charge you for air!!!

When playing paintball you will use an air tank.

It's that silver thing hooked to the gun in the picture to the left.

An air tank holds the air that powers the paintball gun to shoot. In the “good ole’ days” they used CO2, but today most everyone just uses pressurized air.  And unlimited all day air is included for all our guests at no charge with your entry.

Be wary of shady operators!

Selling Air to their customers playing at the field!!!

Yes, believe it or not, some not so honest locations will lure you with a low price and then charge you $10 a day for air!!  No kidding!  Look at what it will cost you by the time you pay their rentals, their entry, their air fees.

Can you choose not to buy their air??  Of course not!  It’s required!!! SCAM!!!!

We tell everyone we have lots of air, and all our customers playing at GatSplat can have all day air at no charge.  Don’t worry.. if we run out, we’ll open the door, and more rushes in! 🤣

So don’t worry about ridiculous air prices when you play at our fields all your paintball air fills are no charge included in your entry.