Paintball Birthday Parties Dallas and Fort Worth

Paintball Birthday Parties are Easy!

If you’re in charge of party planning, for the big day, you have found the ultimate spot to throw a party for paintball birthday parties in Dallas and Fort Worth! Three indoor paintball party places for your event.

Don't count the guest of honor! They are on us!

How much does a paintball birthday party cost?

It's all based on how many people you are going to bring.

For example, a group of 6 starts out at $169 including entry, gun, tank, safety goggles, all day air fills and 1000 paintballs to share. For a group of 10, it would be $289 with 1,500 paintballs to share. All the pricing is on our Pricing Page, or you can just start a Reservation and the different packages will give you pricing options as you fill out your booking form.

Birthday Parties in Dallas Fort Worth

How do Paintball Birthday Parties work?

We make planning a birthday party a snap!

A Paintball Birthday Party is easy at GatSplat. It’s what we are known for! We are going to take care of everything to play paintball. Each person will get a paintball marker (also known as the paintball gun), air tank with unlimited air fills, safety goggles and some ammo. Exactly how much ammo will depend on which package you go choose.

Pricing will depend on which location, and which day of the week. To find the deal that fits your needs and budget, just click on the location you are interested in!

Birthday Cake for Paintball Birthday Parties Dallas and DFW

Can we bring food? Cake? Pizza? Drinks?

YES!! Bring anything you want to make it your party.

Bring in your own decorations, food, drinks (just no alcohol). We sell water, soda, Gatorade, energy drinks, but if you want to bring your own, help yourself. And if you need help bringing in a cooler – just let us know. We have pizza places that deliver to all our locations, but feel free to use anyone you want! Make it your party!

We will reserve a table for your paintball or nerf party

Can we Reserve a Table for our Birthday Party?

It’s automatically done for you!

When you do your reservation on line, we will make sure we have space for you. Our tables are 8 foot aluminum picnic tables that easily seat 8 – 10 kids. Bringing a group of 14?? Great – we’ll just give you two tables for your crew.

Some people just come play, others want to cover the table, bring food, drinks – no problem! Just bring whatever you want, we’ll supply the proper amount of table space. You bring the party favors, and we’ll supply white paper plates, forks and napkins. If you want to have a themed birthday party, feel free to bring your own plates and party decorations to create the feel you want.

How long do paintball parties last?

The length of your paintball party is all up to you!  You are free to stay as long as you want. Some come in, shoot paintballs and leave in an hour. Others decorate tables order in pizza, take a break for cake, etc., and may be here for 3 hours.  It’s all up to you!

Girls play paintball all the time at our indoor fields.

What is the minimum age and can girls play?

We suggest 6 as the minimum age, and sure girls can play paintball! They do all the time!

We keep the younger kids just playing against other younger kids – so your 7 year old birthday party will not go out against a bachelor party! If you have younger kids – just dress them up with a layer or two and they should be fine!

Nerf Parties in the Dallas Ft Worth area

Nerf Birthday Parties What if they are younger than that – or a bit nervous?

How about a Nerf Party?

All of our locations also offer Nerf Parties. You can do these as private events, or during our open Nerf Hours. Some of the locations can even offer Nerf and Paintball at the same time so you can have the older ones doing paintball while the younger ones can play Nerf! Just check the location you are interested in to find the days and time Nerf is available.

Do you do anything special for the Birthday boy or girl?

A Free Gift for the Guest of Honor! A Custom stamped stainless steel military dog tag.

A great goody bag gift idea for the guests, personalized dog tags are just $ 5.00. The guest ones will be marked Private, but the guest of honor will automatically get a free one – and he’s upgraded to Private 1st Class. Return wearing a dog tag, and get a new one with the next rank! Move up to Lieutenant, Corporal, and even General with return visits.

Dallas Axe Throwing with Real Tactical Throwing axes, not hatchets

We also have axe throwing for 12 and up

Do it as a stand alone party or as an add on to paintball.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for axe throwning, unlike paintball where it’s fine to just drop them off. But if over 18, or if the parents are going to be there, it’s a blast to throw our speciality tactical throwing axes. Come give it a try! Vist our Dallas Axe Throwing Birthday Party pages.