An Overview of Paintball & Nerf Parties

Paintball and Nerf Parties Share The Same Basic Rules

Do an Online Reservation

Super easy to do on your desktop, tablet or phone

Just pick the location, put in the number of people that will be playing, pick a package, click the calendar and choose a time.  Then fill out the easy form and pay for your reservation.  Don’t worry – we have the best refund policy around!

Arrive at your Reserved Time

Make a reservation online and arrive at that time

Think of it like a restaurant reservation. If booked at 7, you arrive at 7. You won’t be eating your steak at that time, but that is when you will get seated, get water, etc… Same Here!  People always ask, “Do we need to arrive early?” No.  You can if you wish, but not necessary.

When the group arrives we’ll get them into the video briefing room to watch a 5 minute video, then get them their equipment and lead them out to the field for their first games.  They won’t be back to the table area for about 20 minutes, so most use that time to set up any party decorations, cover tables, etc.

We will reserve a table for your paintball or nerf party

We have reserved a table for you!

Have a larger group? No problem. We'll reserve a few for you.

Some people just come play – others want to cover the tables, bring decorations, etc. Just please, no silly string or confetti. The tables are standard 8 foot long aluminum picnic tables.

We also can provide basic white paper plates, forks and napkins.  If you want to add a splash of color like the picture on the left, feel free to bring in anything you want to dress up the table to fit the theme of your party.

Pizza delivery to our locations

Bring any food or drink you want.

Each location has a pizza place that delivers.

We have soda, popcorn, etc, but you are welcome to bring in a cooler (no alcohol) and any food you want. We suggest you wait until after you arrive to order, use the pizza as a break in the middle of the party instead of showing up and trying to get these kids to sit down and eat!  Let them blow off some steam first!

Rowlett: Papa Johns (972) 463-4606
Lewisville: Alfredo’s (972) 315-0090
Keller: Marcos (817) 427-2300

Families can play paintball together.

Players are grouped by ages.

But dads can play with their kids. They are just big slow moving targets!

We keep the younger kids just playing against other younger kids – so your 7 year old birthday party will not go out against a bachelor party! If you have younger kids – just dress them up with a layer or two and they should be fine!

We also call games of mixed ages, where parents and older siblings, etc, can go out and play with the younger kids.  If your kids don’t have any older brothers or parents playing, they can simply wait for another game for just the 6-12 age bracket.


Spectators for paintball or nerf parties

Can we bring spectators?

Sure, but we need to limit to not more than the number of players.

We have a limited amount of seating space, and need to keep it reserved for our players – so while you can bring in some hosts – or non playing guests, we have to limit it to non playing guests cannot outnumber the number of people playing. So, if you have 10 people playing, bring up to 10 guests, 6 players, 6 guests, etc. 

If the number of guests outnumber the players, guests will be charged $10 each if we have room for them. So when possible, have players car pool, or get dropped off and picked up when your event is over.