BYOB Paintball Parties

Private Events can have beer and wine

If holding a private event during our off hours, we do have the ability to offer BYOB. This has several different rules, and a slight cost involved.  The details are below.

BYOB Paintball

Can we bring in beer and wine for our Paintball Party?

YES! We have rules for BYOB paintball that must be adhered to.

BYOB is only available for our off hours private events. No alcohol is allowed during our normal weekend hours.

Can we have hard liquor while playing?

Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Vodka?

No.  Sorry, we can only allow beer and wine at our facility.

2 beer or wine limit

How much can we bring / drink?

We have a strict two drink maximum before or during play.

We can only allow two 12-oz. beers or two glasses of wine per customer. Each customer that will be drinking will get a special wrist band, which will be marked after the first beer, then removed after the second.

Same rules for wine - 2 drink maximum

We have a wine opener and even glasses for you, so just bring the wine! Upon arrival, we can either put it in our fridge for you or keep it behind the counter. 

Cooler of beer for paintball

Do we just bring in our coolers?

Well, sorta' but not really.

You will bring your wine, and or beer, in to the location, and we need to take control of it. We can put it in our sliding glass refrigerator for you, or put your coolers behind our counter.

What is the extra cost for a BYOP Paintball Party?

We do have a slight additional cost from our insurance.

It increases our insurance costs for your group – an additional cost of $7.50 per person. This is for the entire group and is not prorated.  For example, if you book in a group of 10 people, but only eight are going to drink, the cost is still an additional $75 to allow alcohol for the group. And each of the eight drinking participants will be allowed two drinks each.

Do we need to have an ID?

Yes... each person who is drinking will need a valid government-issued ID.

A drivers license is the easiest and best – so make sure you bring yours, no matter your age.  We card everyone who wants a drinking wrist band, so tell Grandma to bring hers too!