Cancel or Reschedule Paintball, Nerf or Axe Throwing.

We know that stuff happens! That’s why GatSplat has the most liberal reschedule and refund policy you will ever find!

Paintball Cancellation and Reschedule Rules

Birthday Parties in Dallas Fort Worth

What Happens if the number of Paintball guests changes?

We will figure out the best deal for you!

For example, if you booked a package of 6, but only 5 show up, your best deal is still the package of 6, as it comes with twice as much ammo as individual bookings for 5. But if you ended up with only 3 as an example, no problem. We will credit you for the package of 6, ring it up as 3 indivuduals, and the diffence is your to use as a credit for more ammo, soda, etc, or if we will refund it back to your credit card no questions asked!

Got a few extras that you’re bringing? We’ll give you the pre booked price for any extras you have, or move you up to the next package if applicable For example, book a package of 6 but end up with 10? We’ll just charge you the difference between the 6 and 10 package.

Sick Kid

Can I reschedule my paintball event?

My Son got sick. Now what?

Don’t worry! We can reschedule your event for another time in the future. Not sure exactly when? That’s ok too! We’ll just push it out a few weeks to hold your reservation spot, then when you know the exact day and time you want it, you just let us know and we’ll adjust it again.

NOTE: Off Hour Private events have slightly different rules. See Below.

bad kid

What if I just want to cancel the paintball party?

We will refund your money. No Questions Asked!

Even though we don’t ask… some parents tell! We’ve refunded events because of sick kids, kids that got bad grades, kids that didn’t behave in school, kids that were mean to their siblings, and sometimes we’ve refunded just because something changed, money got tight, and they just could not afford to do the party at this time.

We’re ok with any reason you want to cancel. We know that things change, and you never have to worry when booking with GatSplat. If you need to cancel instead of rescheduling your event, you will get a 100% refund for your event.

NOTE: Off Hour Private events have slightly different rules. See Below.

Private Rotation Paintball groups

How about canceling or rescheduling a private off-hours event?

Sure, we just need 72 hours notice.

Off-hour events have slightly different rules for canceling. These are events that are booked when we are normally not open, so it means we have to change our employee scheduling to accommodate your event. Because of this, we need at least 72 hours advance notice to reschedule or refund off hour private events. If any changes to your event are going to happen, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule our staff accordingly.

Axe Throwing Cancellation and Reschedule Rules

What about Axe Throwing Changes or Cancels?

Sure, we just need 72 hours notice.

If less than 72 hours notice, we’re sorry but we cannot refund or reschedule axe throwing events. Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of targets that people can throw at, so as an example, in our Lewisville location, we can serve upwards of 150 paintball players at a time. With just 8 targets for axe throwing, our capacity for axe is about 40. So you can see if 5 people need to cancel paintball it’s not affecting us much. If however, 5 people cancel for axe throwing, that means  potential business is lost and 5 customers that wanted to get in couldn’t!

Make sure you are on time. If you schedule a session at 8, but don’t show up until 8:15, you will lose 15 minutes of your throwing time, as we probably have someone else scheduled in for the next slot.  This also holds for individuals within your group. Keep in mind if 3 of the 4 make it at 8, we are going to go through the safety rules and training which takes about 10 minutes. If one of your guests arrives late, we will have to stop the game and go over the safety rules and training with the straggler.

For these reasons, we cannot issue refunds for no-show, last minute changes or cancels and no shows for axe throwing. So Please make sure you book accurate numbers of players and arrive at your designated time.