Sorry, due to lack of supply, we will no longer be doing CO2 fills.

Note: Our Lewisville Location can do refills or exchanges.

We only do CO2 exchanges or sales of new paintball or 5lb Kegerator Tanks at our Dallas Location in Rowlett or our Fort Worth / Keller Location.

Paintball Tank CO2 Fills

CO2 or HPA Air? Whats the difference?

At our field, all our tanks use HPA – or High Pressure Air. But customers that are playing else where sometimes want to use CO2 and need CO2 fills. While air tanks are measured in Pressure, either 3,000 or 4,500 psi, and the number of cubic inches, such as 26ci, 48ci, 68ci, etc, CO2 tanks are measured by ounces.

Kegerator CO2 Fills

You ready for your party?

Kegerators use CO2 to pump the beer because it won’t affect the taste, and just adds to the bubbles! Kegerator tanks vary in size, and obviously the larger… the longer you will have between refills. Common Kegerator sizes are 2.5 lb, 5lb, 10lb.

Learn more about Kegerator CO2 tank.

CO2 for Aquariums helps the plants thrive.

Aquarium CO2 Fills

If you are doing a live plant aquarium – you want CO2

CO2 is a necessary gas for plants. And that is true in water or air. For individuals that want an aquarium with a lot of living plants instead of plastic fake plants, adding CO2 to the water will help the plants thrive.

Is CO2 Bad for the Environment?

CO2 is captured during other manufacturing processes, so if it was not being bottled and used for paintball, kegorators, etc, it would just be released instantly into the air.  Plants use CO2 and give off oxygen.  Now cars emit carbon monoxide – CO and that is a poison.

High performance shifters using air or co2

Lets get it in gear.

If you have a Hi Performance Shifter

We have filled CO2 for shifters for cars and race bikes. No matter how much horse power you have – if you can’t shift it’s not going to do you much good! So make sure your tank is full before the next race!

Soda stream tank refills

Sodastream Refill Location

Those expensive tanks can simply be refilled

Some with sodastream machines have switched to standard paintball tanks and use a sodastream tank thread adapter. If you want to use the stock tanks, we have the special equipment to fill them. So now instead of replacing those tanks for $35, you can refill then for $7.50.

Bring your sodastream tanks in to our Lewisville Location and we will get them filled back up for you.

co2 tire fill systems

Off Road Tire Filler

A must have for the Off Road Enthusiast

If you make paths instead of follow them, there’s a good chance you are going to have to refill a tire, and a 5lb CO2 Tank with a regulator and a hose is the preferred method. Make sure your tank is full!