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Fort Worth Keller Axe Throwing

The safest Axe Throwing Lanes in the Dallas Fort Worth Area!

In fact our lanes are so safe, we can allow 8 year olds to throw axes!!

Where do you want to throw your axe?

Our Dallas Location if located in our Lewisville Axe Throwing Grab Your Axe / GatSplat Location. Our Keller Axe Throwing is in the Keller / Fort Worth GatSplat. They both offer a totally different experience than most axe throwing venues. Our lanes have 12 foot dividers keeping the neighboring axe thrower from hitting you! Other places only have 6 foot, or worse yet – no dividers at all!

They say it’s like bowling, and you are supposed to wait for the person next to you. Bowling balls are not axes!  They don’t have sharp points! What happens if they forget to wait before throwing?

Additionally you will see that some places have boards above and below the targets. You might have seen the viral videos of axes bouncing back at the girl from hitting below the target. At all our lanes, we have installed that axcitement no bounce border systems to make our lanes the safest in the area.

This is a very bad lane design.

No dividers, or 6' dividers.

Don't throw with no protection!

We Don't want an

Grab Your Axe Lanes

12 Foot Dividers between lanes
Axe Throwing Dallas Safe Lanes

Taking groups up to 75 throwers!

Our Fort Worth Keller Axe Throwing location inside GatSplat has 10 lanes for Axe Throwing! Book in your booking for parties, corporate team building or any event at our Keller, Fort Worth Location!

With our two locations open, one is probably near you! And look for our Rowlett Location to open in a few months.

Axe Throwing Tic Tac Toe

A classic game becomes even more fun with axes! Not only do you throw to mark your X or O, but you can also play defense!  Hit an opposing square and their mark disappears.  But be careful. Hit your own mark and that disappears as well, giving your opponent a chance to steal the game!

Not only Axe Throwing Safety, We specialize in Axe Throwing Fun!

Our custom crafted targets are amazing!!

End Grain Targets

Much easier to stick! Don't wear out your arm! More Fun!

No Bounce Borders

The safest axe throwing lanes in the Dallas Fort Worth area

Digital Scoring

See your score without adding, chalk boards, etc.

BYOB Axe Throwing

Beer or Wine with a 2 drink Maximum

Multiple Games

Don't just throw at circles. We have multiple games!

To have fun throwing axes, it takes a combination of elements. How good are the axes, how good is the facility, how good is the staff and how good are the targets. No one in the metroplex has targets like Grab Your Axe! Most targets are just some 2 by 10 boards from home depot that they use a big sharpie and draw some circles.

Our targets are the result of hundreds of hours of design work to create an axe throwing target that is fun to throw, easy to stick and safer than any other in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

If you have tried axe throwing before and had a hard time getting your axes to stick, we can assure success!  In fact, if you cannot stick one of our weapons withing the first 10 minutes, you can decide to quit and we will refund 100% of your money! (Guess what – we’ve never had to do it! Everyone has success and fun with our targets!)

axe throwing dallas

We are going to bring Axcitement to the sport!

Ok, we couldn't bypass the pun.

GatSplat is known throughout the country for revolutionizing the sport of paintball. We were the first  to take the way too serious paintball games and turn them into a fun and exciting outing.  And now we are going to do it with axe throwing!

We are transforming the game and the way it’s played to bring a more immersive experience to the participants.

So what is so different about our axe throwing? It’s all in the targets. Easier to stick targets mean you will have instant success. Instead of spending half the night just trying to get an axe to stick, you will be working on getting your aim down. And with our interactive targets, you can choose from different games to play.  

If you want to try something a little different,  try throwing our ninja stars and help us with the Zombie Apocalypse!

And now we’re bringing the same excitement to you in our Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer available soon!