Dallas Axe Throwing Parties
And Corporate Events

Dallas Axe Throwing has grown!

And now will grow up!

The axe throwing locations have sprung up across the US. Coming in originally from Canada. Axe throwing is a great activity for individuals, date nite couples, or team building corporate events.

Names using every available pun with the word axe have taken over. We see bad axe, good axe, class axe, axe hole, bury the hatchet and on  and on and on. Pretty much every one is the same as the next. A few pieces of wood, draw on a target, and throw an axe at it.

Realistically, some tire of the creation of splinters using axes after a time or two. But that is where we come in!

Up until now, camping hatchets were used for throwing at these locations. Learn the difference between hatchets and throwing axes!

Dallas Axe Throwing with Real Tactical Throwing axes, not hatchets
Our Axe Throwing location inside GatSplat Lewisville

We are going to bring Axcitement to the sport!

Ok, we couldn't bypass the pun.

GatSplat is known through the country of revolutionizing the sport of paintball. We were the first  to take the way too serious paintball games, and turn them into a fun and exciting outing.  And now we are going to do it with axe throwing.

We are transforming the game and the way it’s played to bring a more immersive experience to the participants.

So what is so different about our axe throwing? Instead of throwing camping hatchets, Axe Ninjas is the only place where you get to use actual throwing axes – also known as tactical axes, or ninja axes.

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