DFW Birthday Party Places for Kids or Adults

Birthday Party places in DFW
When looking Birthday Party Places in the DFW area, a lot of folks turn to GatSplat Indoor Paintball Birthday Parties. Our indoor air conditioned and heated fields make sure your birthday party can happen no matter what the weather throws at you! Kids and Adults alike will appreciate our Birthday Party Venues which supply ample table space for food, drink, etc. One of the things that makes our Birthday Party Venues unique is that you can bring in any of your own party favors for your party!

DFW Party Place allows you to bring your own food!

Bring in your own cake, cookie cake, or even ice cream cake – we have a freezer we can put it in until you need it! Many of our customers tell us that one thing they love about parties at our GatSplat Birthday Party places is that we put no restriction on what you can bring (except alcohol). We have pizza places that will deliver to our place, or bring in whatever you want. No extra charge – no hassles!

We’ll supply the tables, cover them if you wish. Bring decorations, balloons, anything to make it the perfect party, and we’ll take care of the Paintball end of things, and clean up when it’s all over!

We presently have 2 Birthday Party Places with our Rowlett & Lewisville Locations