Lanes so safe - we allow 12 years old and up to throw axes and ninja stars!

Axe Throwing Fort Worth | Keller Premier Facility

Originally, we built a few lanes at our Lewisville location so we could test some of our new concepts.  It may seem that a “new axe throwing” concept seems a bit strange. After all, axe throwing has been around for hundreds of years, but it has evolved.

You will see other venues that just use some boards with a target drawn on them. The problem is, it’s actually much more difficult to get your axe to stick into a plain ole’ board. And throwing at circles gets boring pretty quickly.

With the the goal of having the most unique axe throwing location in Fort Worth, we built 10 state-of-the art lanes inside our 15,000 square foot entertainment facility! You can even come throw axes while your kids are playing paintball, gellyball or nerf!

safety designed axe throwing lanes

Fort Worth Axe Throwing that's safer!

Compare to other arenas.

If you check out other throwing venues, you will see a lot of them have no barrier between you and the target next to you. I can understand that if you’re bowling, but you have someone five feet away throwing an axe! And this might be the first time they have ever thrown! That’s why at our locations, we built our lanes so each one has a 12 foot long and high barrier between you and the people throwing next to you!

When you combine our lane design along with our unique target design, you have the safest axe throwing lanes there are! That’s why our lanes are the only ones in the industry that have filed for patents on our unique target systems.

Our custom crafted targets are amazing!!

To have fun throwing axes, it takes a combination of elements. How good are the axes, the facility,  the staff, and the targets. No one in the metroplex has targets like Grab Your Axe! Most targets are just some 2′ by 10′ boards from Home Depot that they use a big sharpie and draw some circles.

Our targets are the result of hundreds of hours of design work to create an axe throwing target that is fun to throw, easy to stick, and safer than any other in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

If you have tried axe throwing before, and had a hard time getting your axes to stick, we can assure success!  In fact, if you cannot stick one of our weapons within the first 10 minutes, you can decide to quit, and we will refund 100% of your money! (Guess what – we’ve never had to do it! Everyone has success and fun with our targets!)

axe throwing dallas

We are going to bring Axcitement to the sport!

Ok, we couldn't bypass the pun.

GatSplat is known through the country for revolutionizing the sport of paintball. We were the first  to take the way-too-serious paintball games and turn them into fun and exciting outings.  Now, we are going to do it with axe throwing.

We are transforming the game and the way it’s played to bring a more immersive experience to the participants.

What is so different about our axe throwing? It’s all in the targets. Easier-to-stick targets mean you will have instant success. Instead of spending half the night just trying to get an axe to stick, you will be working on getting your aim down. And our interactive targets, you can choose from different games to play.  

If you want to try something a little different, try throwing our ninja stars and help us with the Zombie Apocalypse!