Fort Worth Paintball Field Location - Keller

Our Keller Location officially a Fort Worth Paintball field location – but it’s really on the Fort Worth / Keller line.  The newest GatSplat location is nestled between Central High School and the Altitude Trampoline Center.

If you are not familiar with that area, Heritage Trace Parkway in Fort Worth extends from I-35W and heads east toward Keller.  As it hits the Central High School, the name of the road changes to Kroger Drive since the gigantic Kroger Warehouse is right across the street from us.

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Finding our Fort Worth Paintball Field Location

If coming from South Lake area, head west into Keller, then turn South on 377 until Kroger Drive. From I-35W Heritage Trace will bring you over.
5600 Kroger Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76244
(972) 956-5500

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The story of building our Fort Worth Paintball Field Location

Our Lewisville location had been open for almost 10 years, and always busy. We finally decided that we needed to have a Fort Worth Paintball field location for GatSplat as well. We combed the commercial real estate that was available, and got a broker to look at different properties in Watauga, Keller, Colleyville, etc.  Since our owner lives in Flower Mound, he was looking for a property that would not be too far away for him to keep tabs on.

By utilyzing our waiver data for the Lewisville store, we could see that our reach of customers was about a 20 minute drive time. As we are fond of saying, how far is a mom with 7 sugared up kids in the car willing to drive for a birthday party before she starts throwing them out of the window. We determined that was about a 20 minute drive.

None of the existing buildings we looked at in the Fort Worth Keller area had the proper size or layout for our business, so we decided we had to build from the ground up. We found a great little piece of land right next to Central High School, bought it, hired a builder, finalized blue prints, and get all the necessary permits filed – many trips to the government offices in downtown Fort Worth!

But after all the paper work was cleared, the work started to go pretty quick. First step, pour the foundation. This job starts at 3 in the morning, so you can get the concrete trucks there in time without getting stuck in Ft. Worth morning rush hour traffic.

Fort Worth Construction of GatSplat Paintball Location

Time to get to framing the building

Next up was the metal framing. We wanted a buiding that would have a large open area without any supporting beams in the middle of the playing field, so we accomplished that by making a metal building and engineering the support beams to move 10 feet off center, which then would give us a 125 x 85 playing area with up to 35 foot ceilings, and no support beams on the field itself.

With the outside nearly finished - time for carpet and our famous glass wall

Then let the parties begin!