Ultra Low Impact!

Now Available at all 3 locations!

Ages 4 and up!

More Fun than nerf!

No staining or mess

The Perfect Option for Younger Players as there is virtually

GellyBall Blasters use a soft gel ball, much like Orbeez that your kids probably already play with! Shot from the easy-to-use Blasters, the soft GellyBalls bounce off kids – leaving no stain, mess or sting.  Unlike Nerf guns, where the players have to constantly reload with ammo off the floor, a GellyBall Blaster holds 750 shots without reloading! Just pull the trigger and they shoot! Easy even for four year old kids to use.

Black Light Games with Glowing GellyBalls for the Ultimate Excitement!

For a fun twist, check out our glow in the dark GellyBall field where each shot glows on the way to the target! Glowing GellyBalls are included in the Silver & Gold Packages.

Prices For GellyBall Parties


$ 25 Each Player
  • Use of Blaster & Goggles
  • 750 Standard GellyBalls Each


$ 35 Each Player
  • Use of Blaster & Goggles
  • 1,500 GellyBalls Each


$ 45 Each Player
  • Use of Blaster & Goggles
  • 2,250 GellyBalls Each
  • Rental of Camo Coveralls
  • GatSplat T-Shirt for Guest of Honor

(At this time we can only take GellyBall reservations of 6-30 players)


Everything you need to know about GellyBall Parties!

How Long do 750 GellyBalls Last?​

Hmmmm… How long does a glass of wine last?

It’s really all up to the individual. GellyBall Blasters are electronic guns, so if you squeeze the trigger and hold it, they will shoot about 10 balls a second! But we tell the players to shoot in “Bursts,” just a quick pulls on the trigger. That being said, we have found that the average group goes through 1,500 paintballs per player in about a two hour party, which would include about 90 minutes of play, and 30 minutes for pizza, cake, etc.

If we run out of ammo is our party over?

Not if you don’t want it to be! You can always buy more GellyBalls. A “Hand Grenade” holds 750 GellyBalls. You can buy another 750 for just $10 or 750 of the Black Light Glowing GellyBalls for our glow games.

How long are the parties?

There are no limits on our parties. As we explain above, it’s just how long the ammo lasts. If you run out, you can always buy more! Generally, the Bronze packages are good for an hour of play,  silver for 1.5 to 2 hours and Gold for 2-2.5 hours. On top of that, you can use the tables in the lobby for ordering in Pizza, having cake, etc.