Parties are Easy and Fun!

This will give you the entire overview!


Arrive at your Reserved Time

Make a reservation online and arrive at that time

Think of it like a restaurant reservation. If booked at 7, you arrive at 7. You won’t be eating your steak at that time, but that is when you will get seated, get water, etc… Same Here!  People always ask, “Do we need to arrive early?” No.  You can if you wish, but not necessary.

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We have Reserved a Table for you!

If you have a larger group, we’ll reserve a few tables for you.

Some people just come play – others want to cover the tables, bring decorations, etc. Just please, no silly string or confetti. Click on the picture for a larger view of the tables.


Bring any Food or Drink you want

Each location has a nearby Pizza place

We have soda, popcorn, etc, but you are welcome to bring in a cooler (no alcohol) and any food you want. Use the nearby Pizza places Pizza places we suggest, or any that you wish!  Bringing an ice cream cake?  We have a freezer until you are ready for it.


Everyone will watch the Safety Video

It’s just 5 minutes long

It explains all the safety rules, how to adjust your gear, to load your gun, refill air, play different games, etc.

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We’ll hand out the gear the players need

Our friendly, professional staff will help everyone get their equipment adjusted and ready to go!

The gun, tank and safety goggles are included in all our packages. You can opt to get a Protection Package which includes coveralls, chest and back armor and padded gloves.


Players are grouped by age and skill level

We keep different ages apart. A 7 year old birthday party will not play against a bachelor party!

We do have a category of play where parents can play with their kids, and our over all goal is to assure people only play against others they want to! Of course you can also choose to make your games Private and play with just your group.


Start Playing! Stay as long as you want!

Players will go out with a group and play two games (about 10 minutes), come back in to reload and go again!

Players can stay as long as they wish, alternating on and off the field. Most groups come for about 2 1/2 hours with a pizza break in the middle – but it’s all up to you! Come for an hour – come for 4 hours. Whatever you want to do!

How long are Nerf Birthday Parties

Can We Bring Spectators?

Some… but don’t bring the neighborhood!
We have a limited amount of seating space, and need to keep it reserved for our players – so while you can bring in some hosts – or non playing guests, we have to limit it to non playing guests cannot outnumber the number of people playing.  So, if you have 10 people playing,  bring up to 10 guests, 6 players, 6 guests, etc.

Past that, guest will be charged $10 each if we have room for them. And each guest must have a signed waiver and guest wrist band if they are going to be in any live play area. More info on our Spectator Page.

Ready to Book? Or do you have a few more Questions?


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