Indoor Paintball Fields

Many people ask; “Why indoor paintball fields?”GatSplat Lobby

There are many reasons.  Most people prefer indoor paintball because of the weather considerations.  This way you don’t have to worry if it’s going to be hot, cold, wet, or windy the day of your event.  Our fields also make it easier for people not playing to be close to the action, in an comfortable indoor, heated and air conditioned lobby.

What makes us different

Heat and Air Conditioning
Clean Restrooms (not porta-potties!)
Ample Paved Parking
Astro Turf
Non Staining Paintballs
Groups play with own age and ability
Electronic guns don’t play against renters.

Kid Friendly

Play for 6 years old on up
Separated by Ages
50 Caliber Guns for the little ones!
Lot’s of bunkers for hiding
Easy Breaking Paintballs sting less

Parent Friendly

On Line Printable Invitations
Large Viewing Windows to Watch
Adult Supervision
Feel free to bring your own food and drinks
Big Screen TV for Sporting EventsParent Friendly Paintball Lobby

If it’s your responsibility to drive the kids to paintball, and you don’t play… fear not. We’re thinking of you! We have large viewing windows that look over the fields, and the entire facility is WIFI. So if the significant other is telling you to mow grass, paint the house, or trim trees, and you want to use the “Oh I would honey, but I promised Junior I’d take him to play paintball…” We’ll never tell!

Come hang in the lobby, catch the games, send some emails from your lap top, and keep on eye on Junior through the window overlooking the field! We didn’t rent some warehouse to play paintball in. We found the right building, bought it, and remodeled it from the inside out. We started by blowing in 5 inches of insulating foam on the ceiling and walls, to make sure we could cool the building even on the hottest Texas day. We put in 2 new bathrooms, a huge staging area with 20 – 10 foot picnic tables, and huge windows overlooking the field.

Astro Turf

turfFor our indoor paintball fields we have state of the art astro turf –  for comfort, safety, and great paintball play.

Oh yea… the other difference between grass fields and our fields – ours are never muddy, hot, cold, too windy, humid, dark, etc. They are always perfect!

Our professional refs will be changing up the field pattern every other week or so, so each time it will be a new challenge.

If you want to see some photo’s of the fields, check out our Photo Gallery or check out our Virtual Tour.