We are now hiring for Axe-Masters and Refs. No experience necessary. Just bring a smile and good attitude and we'll train the rest!


    Which locations are you willing to work?
    Our business hours are primarily weekends: Fridays 4pm - 11pm, Saturdays 9am - 9pm Sundays 9am - 6pm
    Which days can you work the above listed hours?
    We also do private events during the week, normally evenings, but sometimes during the days, and we also clean during the days. Are you available during the week?
    Are you fluent in any languages besides English?

    Have you ever been involuntarily terminated from a position of employment? If so, please explain. (This question does not apply to a layoff or reduction in force for economic reasons.)
    If yes, please explain:
    Please list your last 3 employers (if applicable) and contact information for them.

    Were you referred by anyone? Or how did you hear about the job?

    During the past 5 years, have you been convicted of, or have you pleaded guilty or no contest to, a felony offense? YesNoIf yes, please explain.

    Anything else you would like us to know about you?

    Looking for a job at a paintball field?

    Just make your best guess on how many players you will have

    If you are looking for a Job, Gatsplat Paintball might be looking for you. If you are a great paintball player… we don’t care… If you have great paintball equipment… we don’t care. If you have years of paintball ref experience… we don’t care.

    What we do care about is are you fun, outgoing personality that enjoys being around people and making sure they have fun! Not afraid to work hard, or get a little dirty at times? Are honest and trustworthy and a self motivated worker?

    Then you might be for us!