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Kegerator CO2 Fills, CO2 Keg Exchanges Tank Information on Hydro Testing and Filling

Kegerator CO2 Fills and Kegerator Exchanges are our most common CO2

How much to fill a Kegerator Tank?

5lb kegerator co2 tank

5lb Kegerator CO2 Fills or Exchange

This is the most popular Kegerator CO2 Tank Size

While some Kegerator CO2 bottles are only 2.5 lb tanks, and some use 10 lb tanks, the 5lb Kegerator CO2 tank is the most popular size. Depending on the regulator settings, temperature, etc, a 5lb Kegerator CO2 Bottle will normally be able to pump between 2 and 4 Kegs of beer.

We know that some people have shiny new tanks for their keg systems, and they don’t want to give that up and exchange for a nasty looking steel tank, or a 10 year old beat up one… That’s why we fill for you instead of just exchanges.

Kegerator CO2 Fills

You ready for your party?

Kegerators use CO2 to pump the beer because it won’t affect the taste, and just adds to the bubbles! Kegerator tanks vary in size, and obviously the larger… the longer you will have between refills. Common Kegerator sizes are 2.5 lb, 5lb, 10lb.

Stop on by to get your Kegerator CO2 tanks filled.

CO2 Fills are regulated in your Kegerators system with a CO2 regulator.

Regulator for CO2 Tanks

Two Gauge CO2 Regulator

The amount of pressure needed is normally 10 – 14 psi. With a two gauge CO2 regulator, you can get an idea for how much CO2 is left in your tank, but that may not be 100% accurate depending on temperature. You can always use the method of using the Tare Weight listed below.
Kegerator CO2 tanks are normally 5 lb but can come in other sizes

How Much CO2 do you need?

This chart should help.

 2-1/2 lb Cylinder5 lb Cylinder10 lb Cylinder15 lb Cylinder20 lb Cylinder
Home Brew (5.00 Gallon)7-1115-2231-4446-6662-87
Sixth Barrel (5.23 Gallon)7-1114-2129-4244-6359-83
Quarter Barrel (7.75 Gallon)5-710-1420-2830-4240-56
Half Barrel (15.50 Gallon)2-45-710-1415-2120-28

Or another way of thinking about it, if you don’t have any leaks or problems, a pound of CO2 should get you about 150 glasses of beer.

co2 tank markings including the TW or tare weight or empty weight of a co2 tank

Understanding Kegerator CO2 Tank Markings

TW – Tare Weight

Tare Weight is a stamping on the side of a tank that tells you what the tank weighs when empty. Officially, this is the tank itself without any valve or handles – but that is normally pretty insignificant anyway so is normally ignored. So, for example, a 5lb CO2 tank might have a Tare Weight of 7.5 lbs, so full it should weigh 12.5 lbs. So if you want to know how much CO2 you have left, toss your tank on a good scale, subtract the tare weight, then use the chart above to calculate how much beer you can still pump!
Hydro test markings for a CO2 tank for a Kegerator

More CO2 Tank Markings

Hydro Test Date

The stamping of a Date with some symbols or numbers between the month and year is the hydro date or hydrostatic test date. Tanks need to undergo a test every 5 years by a DOT licensed test facility before you can get CO2 Refills in that tank. The original hydro date is shown is 8/08, then it was tested in 5/08, then again in 4/14 which means it’s next one is due in 4/19. If it is 5 years past the last hydro date, the tank cannot be filled, unless it is tested first. If it passes the test, (which they virtually always do) then a new date is stamped into the tank by the test facility and it’s good for another 5 years as seen in the pic.