Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Dallas, Ft. Worth

Kids Birthday Party

Kids Love Paintball!

A majority of our bookings are for Kids Birthday Parties, which makes perfect sense because Kids love Paintball Parties! With our low impact paintballs, kids as young as 6 can play. And you don’t have to worry about your kids birthday party playing against some high school kids – we keep everyone playing with people in the same age bracket. Kids Age 6, Age 7, Age 8, Age 9, Age 10, Age 11 and Age 12 will play in our 6-12 year old age bracket and play with other kids the same age, unless of course some parents want to join in too! And then we will offer mixed games where kids and parents can play together. So the kids will have their choice; play just other kids, or play against kids and adults.

We’ve found that normally the kids don’t mind playing against adults. Really they are just big slow moving objects to shoot!

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Customize your Kids Birthday Party

You can do whatever you want to create the perfect kids birthday party at GatSplat. We let you bring in any food or drink you want! We even have pizza places that deliver! Make your Birthday Party as simple or as grand as you wish! Come cover tables, bring cakes, grab a string of balloons, or just show up and let the kids have fun shooting at each other. It’s all up to you. And as you can see from the picture on the right, there is a huge glass wall so you and other spectators can watch the fun while sitting in our comfortable, clean, heated and air conditioned lobby!

Click on any of the pictures on this page and they will expand for you so you can see what others have done for their kids birthday parties. When you are ready, it’s super fast and easy to Book your Birthday Party Online!

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