Low Impact Paintball is for Everyone!

Well, maybe not everyone. We have actually had some tournament players tell us that the low impact paintball with .50 caliber paintballs doesn’t leave bloody welts on you – so they didn’t want to use them. We scratched our heads and said, “Ok. Sorry. Probably better if you play at a different field!”

Let's find out how we make it low impact, and why that is perfect for you!

50 cal paintballs

Low Impact Paintball starts with the Paintball Itself

A smaller paintball has less mass!

With less mass, there is less energy when you get hit. Would you rather get hit by a boulder or a pebble? Have your car hit by a semi truck or a bicycle? The same rule of physics applies in low impact paintball. All things being equal – a lighter paintball has less energy.

But there is more to it than just a smaller paintball!

FPO Paintballs Field Paint Only

How are the paintball stored?

Paintballs don't like heat or cold!

An indoor, climate controlled environment is not only good for you, it’s good for paintballs! If paintballs get too hot, or too cold, it changes the consistency of the outer gelatin shell, and can make them hurt a lot more! You might have heard about frozen paintballs – kind of an old wives tale – they don’t really freeze too good… and actually getting too hot is worse for them as far as having them hurt.

For a true low impact experience – the paintballs have to be maintained in specific temperature ranges. Our paintballs are custom made and arrive in heated and air conditioned trucks to assure a low impact experience for our customers.
Wear long sleeves and long pants to minimize the sting of paintballs.

What are you wearing?

Long pants and long sleeve shirts are a good idea!!

Since our entire facility is indoor and air conditioned, it means that the players can pad up with a few layers, which helps with the low impact paintball experience. Many liken the hit of a paintball to be equivalent to being snapped with a rubber band. On bare flesh, that can sting! But if snapped with a rubber band while wearing long sleeves and a hooded sweat shirt over it, you will hardly notice it! Of course we do have coveralls you can rent if you don’t have the proper clothing when you arrive.

Is Low Impact Paintball only for kids? No! Adults love it too!

What else makes it low impact?

Do not cross the 50 when playing low impact paintball

How close were you when you got shot?

If you get shot at point blank range – it will sting more!

That is why at GatSplat fields, we have a Do Not Cross The Middle Line rule. There is an expression in paintball called bunkering. The things you hide behind are bunkers. Bunkering means you got shot by someone who was standing in the same bunker. Since we have a do not cross the middle line rule, players who are new or nervous can hang near the back and just take sniper positions, knowing that no one can circle around behind and shoot them at close range.

This also helps players realize who they should shoot at. Just like dodge ball, the enemy is on the other side of the field and cannot come on your side. This additionally helps eliminate “Friendly Fire.”

Chronograph speed of paintball guns

How fast is the paintball flying?

Our paintball guns are Chronographed to a consistent speed.

We constantly test the velocity of our guns with a chronograph. A chronograph is a special radar gun, much like the ones they use in baseball to see how fast a pitch was.

By chronographining our gear, we assure that our paintballs are not flying too fast. If people bring in their own guns to play, you really never know how they are tuned, and if a gun is turned way up it can increase the sting. That’s why we use only our guns, and test their speed often to assure a consistent low impact paintball experience.

Put it all together and a low impact paintball experience means less mess, less sting, and more fun!