Check out our Fortnite Camps!

4 hours just $39.99 - with lunch!

Drop in for a fortnite event

Fortnite Camp Schedules - Next one starts soon!


We schedule Fortnite events on vacation days throughout the year.

We try to do at least one a month normally on school holidays. Best way to check the schedule is start to do a reservation and check available dates.

Fortnite runs from 9am - 1pm

Please make sure your child is signed up on line and a waiver completed so we can start activities right at 9. We normally break for the pizza lunch around 11:30,

Some people make our Fortnite event a birthday party.

It is ok to book a larger group, we will make sure they stay together, and make it a Fortnite birthday party. When it ends at 1pm bring out the cake! Then the guests can take advantage of the Free afternoon paintball if you wish.

4 Hours Packed With Activities

Fortnite Battle Bus made from paintball box

They will create a Battle Bus from a paintball box and the supplied arts and crafts.

Battle Bus Crafts

Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars

Nerf is still the highlight of the party, but by switching up the games, we keep the excitment level up at all times!

Nerf wars

Interactive Play with glowing orbs

Pulsing light and flashing colors while your team has to go hit the glowing orbs, but only the ones in your color!

Hit the Glowing orbs

Play dodgeball during your nerf parties

Kids love playing dodge ball and we use a special softer ball so everyone has fun and no one gets hurt!

Dodge Ball

fortnite projected on tv

Several consoles are hooked up to big screen TV’s so the kids can play and watch actual Fortnite action.

Actual Fortnite Play

Fortnite paintball target practice

Shoot paintball guns at targets of Fortnite characters.  No one will be shooting back!

Paintball Target Shooting

Pricing for Fortnite - $39.99 per person

Save the world playing these epic games. Our  fortnite battle royale themed camps using nerf guns are great for birthday events as well. A great theme birthday where you can bring your own birthday cake and party favors. Let you birthday guest use their shield potion to conquer the  enemy!

Plus they can get a Free Paintball Pass

At 1:00 pm, we will transition the fields back for paintball play, and any kids that participated in the Fortnite will get free Paintball play including all gear and 100 paintballs for the afternoon ($30 value). Just buy more ammo if you want and stay all afternoon!

We'll even feed them!

The price includes a pizza lunch with soda or water. If you child has special dietary needs you may send food along with them. And parents can choose to stay or just drop the kids off at 9 and pick them up later.  But you have to promise to pick them up!!       😉