Bring Your Nerf Gun for Parties in Dallas Ft. Worth or use ours!

Nerf Gun War Parties Dallas Ft. Worth

Kids love Nerf parties and they have never been easier! Use our Nerf Guns or bring your own – it’s up to you! Our Nerf Parties are private play only – no open play – and require a minimum of 12 players.

3 DFW Nerf Gun War Locations

Since our 3 different locations have different set ups as far as size and number of fields, each has it’s own Nerf Schedule for bookings.  Click any of the Book Now/ buttons to check schedules.

Nerf Parties are 2 hours long.

Most choose to break up the Nerf Party by playing for an hour, taking a break for food, then going back to playing for another 45 minutes of Nerf War.

Feel free to bring in your own food, or have it delivered.

Your confirmation email will have the contact info for the closest pizza place that delivers when reserve your Nerf party, but feel free to use any restaurant you wish. You can  also bring in your own cake or cupcakes.

Your Nerf Blaster Fight is a Private Event

We won’t mix anyone else in so you get to decide who participates, and make your own rules, like if you want the kids to be able to bring their own guns.

Check out Gelly Ball for a great alternative to Nerf! Cooler guns and no sting or mess!

We do more than just Nerf!

Play dodgeball during your nerf parties

Kids love playing dodge ball and we use a special softer ball so everyone has fun and no one gets hurt!

Dodge Ball

Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars

Nerf is still the highlight of the party, but by switching up the games, we keep the excitment level up at all times!

Nerf Gun wars

Interactive Play with glowing orbs

Pulsing light and flashing colors while your team has to go hit the glowing orbs, but only the ones in your color!

Hit the Glowing orbs

While our arena is normally used for 5 and 6 year olds, we get older kids, and even had an adult bachelorette party who brought all their own Nerf Guns! 

Our Spectator Rules.

Our Spectator Rules.

Private Nerf Events

Can we bring spectators?

Sure, but we need to limit to not more than the number of players.

We have a limited amount of seating space, and need to keep it reserved for our players – so while you can bring in some hosts – or non playing guests, we have to limit it to non playing guests cannot outnumber the number of people playing. So, if you have 12 people playing, bring up to 12 guests, 6 players, 6 guests, etc. 

Past that, guest will be charged $10 each if we have room for them. So when possible, have players car pool, or get dropped off and picked up when your event is over.