How do we still have a party
in these times dealing with Covid-19?

If you’re in charge of party planning, for the big day, or you’ve been invited to an event, you may have some questions. We made this page to answer some of the questions we receive.

Texas State Wide Mask Order

Presently Texas has a mask order in place. The order states that masks do not need to be worn if eating or drinking, and also specify when cannot be 6′ away from other people. When playing paintball, participants will be 6′ away, and masks do not have to be worn under paintball masks, but you may if you wish.

We ask that patrons wear their mask when they are going to be near others – heading to the restroom, at the counter, etc.. – any time you cannot socially distance.

Please, if you are or any of your guests are not well... Stay Home!

If you have to reschedule or cancel, we will take care of it.

We ask that if you or any of your guests are not well, please stay home, and we will reschedule or refund your party no questions asked. Our customers well being is our top priority.

We are checking all our employees.

Each employee is checked for any symptoms.

Our employees know that if they don’t feel 100%, they should not come to work. And when they do arrive, we temperature check each one before they can clock in.

What to wear on your face to paintball

Goggles are not reused the same week.

And they go through a stringent sanitation routine.

Our procedures have always been to make sure no one uses the same mask the same day, but we have increased that to where no one uses the same mask the same weekend! So a full week until any mask is used again, and before that, it goes through our extensive sanitation procedure.

Additionally, if you let us know in advance, we can bring in masks for your group to buy for just $20 each if you want new ones.

3 Compartment Sink Cleaning

The same way the plates for the food you eat are cleaned.

All our equipment is cleaned with a 3 part process using CDC protocols for disinfectants. Then masks are set to dry for the week, not to be used until the next weekend.

Are you guys packed?

Our booking software is now set to only allow 25% of our normal capacity so there is plenty of space for social distancing. We keep our groups apart and will give you plenty of table space so you may spread out as much as you wish.

Girls play paintball all the time at our indoor fields.

Can gear get mixed up?

We will provide masking tape and sharpies. Just Ask!

If you wish, you can put each persons name on their mask and gun, so even people within your own group will not grab someone else’s equipment. Just ask for the tape and a sharpie, or bring your own.  Also great for marking water bottles.

Hand Sanitizer is readily available.

We have plenty.

Feel free to bring in your own – same with any other equipment like your own mask if you wish. We are not mandating all customers wear them, but you are welcome to.

You will also see us spending more time sanitizing tables, computers, bathrooms and other high touch points throughout our facilities.

What about the indoor environment?

Articles now point to humidity as part of the key.

It turns out that research is showing that high humidity levels seem to stop the spread of flu viruses. That is why the “flue season” is in the dryer winter months. By the nature of our business, we are constantly steam cleaning all our astro turf and this makes for very high humidity levels in our facilities. We have large commercial dehumidifiers, but now we are not kicking those on to balance our humidity to higher levels according to recommendations from health professionals.

Private Paintball Groups

Do we have to mix with others?

Bring a group of 10+ and you can play by yourselves.

We rotate our games on the fields, and if you come with a group of 10 or more, you do not have to mix with any other group. You can choose to just play your games as 5 on 5.

Now if you decide you want to take on another party, and they want to as well, we can do games like that as well. And keep in mind, it’s normally more fun playing “our team against your team” and no one is allowed to get within 10 feet of your opponent so Paintball is the ultimate social distancing activity!

Complete Booking and Waivers online

To reduce any interaction, your bookings and waivers can all be done online.

Just click a link below to choose to do a waiver for the location you are planning on attending. You can complete this all in advance and avoid our computer kiosks for waivers.

Of course if you don’t do the waiver in advance, you can knock one out right on your phone, or if you do want to use our computer kiosk, know that we are continually sanitizing these common touch areas.