Free Printable Paintball Invitations

This Paintball Party Invitation works for all 3 locations.

This video will explain how to download, fill out, and print an invitation:

We now have paintball invitations you can print off! It will give your guests answers to frequently asked questions, like “What Should I wear”, “Does it Hurt”, etc.  Also, they are “Adobe Hot Forms” which means there are places for you to type in your date, time, whether food will be served, are you going to meet at GatSplat or somewhere else, etc. Just type that in on paintball invitation form and then print as many as you want.

To use the paintball invitations, you will need Adobe Reader.  There is a good chance you already have Adobe, and if not, it’s free – Download Adobe Reader.

It is a rather large file (about 3 meg) so it might take a moment to download and open.
Paintball Invitations

Click to Download a Paintball Invitation

Download Printable Invitation

Click to Download a Nerf Invitation

Download Printable Invitation

Depending on your browser, the easiest way to save this file is to right click, then save target or save as, or save link… and put it somewhere where you can find it. Then open it using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Fill out all the forms, then print as many as you need.

We want to remind you, tell all your guests that they need to do waivers to play.  We put notes on the paintball invitation telling them to do them on line, but you may want to remind them as well.

After you have finished the reservation, you will be given the link to forward to others for doing their waivers on line, and 3 days before your event, we will forward a list of all the guests that have completed a waiver.

And remember, all your guests need a waiver completed in the current calendar year, so one from last year will not work.  Also, our locations are independent, so if a guest has done a waiver at one location, but now is going to play at a different location, we will need a waiver for the new location.

If under the age of 18, it is mandatory to have a parent or legal guardian signature. Learn more about the options for waivers on our Waiver Page.