Paintball and Nerf Package Pricing!

Standard Paintball Price: $35.00 + tax

Package pricing includes: Entry, All Day Play, All Day Free Air Fills, Gun, Tank, Hopper, Safety Goggles, and 100 Paintballs per person!

Prepay and save $5.00 per person.

Want a deal?? When you make a Reservation, you can choose to pre-purchase a discount rate of just $30 per person + tax, and it’s fully refundable if something happens and everyone cannot show up.

Group Discount Pricing

Have a slightly larger group? Choose one of our packages for additional savings. All these packages will include the Entry, All Day Play, All Day Free Air Fills, Gun, Tank, Hopper, Safety Goggles and the paintballs that come in the package, which will vary depending on how many are in the group, and whether you want the Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Additionally each group will have table space appropriate for their size group, a party of 6 will have a table, a party of 15 will get 2 tables, etc.

6 Person Paintball Package

10 Person Paintball Package

15 Person Paintball Package

20 Person Paintball Package

Of course you are welcome to stay as long as you wish, and additional paintballs can be purchased at the following prices:


Our field is a FPO (Field Paint Only) facility.

  • 100 paintballs: $ 9.25
  • 500 paintballs: $ 34.99
  • 1000 paintballs: $59.99
  • Case (2000 paintballs) $ 87.75

Private Nerf War Parties Pricing

All our Nerf Parties from now on will be totally private bookings for just your group! Minimum of $250 covers up to the first 10 players.

10 Person Nerf Package $250 + Tax Includes up to 10 players, and 10 spectators or non playing guests. Includes up to 2 tables and 90 minutes of play time, plus 1/2 hour of time for Pizza, Cake, etc.

Have more than 10?? No problem. You can pay at the door for the remaining number of players. And if you over guess, or under guess, we will adjust the pricing for you. For example, if you book in 14 people, you will pay the $250 (plus tax) for the first 10, then on the day of the event if there are actually 12, you will pay the $25 each plus tax for those 2. So try to let us know how many you will have so we make sure to hold enough tables and guns for your group – but we will work out the exact charge on the day of the event as long as you hit the $250 minimum.


Note: We like to keep it to a maximum of 30 players on the field so it doesn’t get too crowded.

Spectators: Each Nerf package includes a number of spectators, and additional spectators / hosts and non playing guests will be charged at a cost of $10 each. Spectators are any non-playing individual over the age of 1 that will be at the facility – including other parents, siblings, etc. As we have limited table space that we would like to reserve for players we ask that you do not invite any additional guests who are not playing, and either car pool, or have parents drop off their children. Think of it much like going to an amusement park. Even if you don’t ride the rides – you still pay to get in. But we allow a certain number free in each package. If however you do want additional spectators to stay at the facility, you can for a cost of $10 per person.

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Buy Paintball Gift CertificatesPaintball Gift Certificates

If you are looking for the perfect gift – try a paintball gift certificate.


Typically our hours are:

  • Friday 4pm – 10pm (nerf or paintball)
  • Saturday 10am – 8pm (paintball)
  • Sunday 10am – 6pm (paintball)
  • Any Other Time as Off Hour Private Events
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  • Friday 4pm – 6pm (nerf)
  • Friday 6pm – 10pm (paintball)
  • Saturday 10am – 8pm (paintball)
  • Sunday Noon – 6pm (paintball)
  • Any Other Time as Off Hour Private Events
    Check Availability

Rowlett (all times nerf or paintball)

  • Friday 4pm – 10pm
  • Saturday 10am – 8pm
  • Sunday Noon – 6pm
  • Any Other Time as Off Hour Private Events
    Check Availability

We also open (or close) for some holidays. The best way to see all our hours is to click on any of the Reservation Links and check our calendar. All our reservations are set up so the last reservation available is 2 hours before we close. Just put in the number of people you have, then click the day on the calendar you want to come in, and we will show you all the available times for that day!


Rent a Paintball Protection Package

If you are worried about your clothes or your car getting any paint on them, or if you are worried that it might hurt too much, you can rent an entire package of Full Length coveralls, chest and back protector, plus armor backed gloves all for just 10 bucks.

Private Groups are Available

If you would like your group to play just by them selves, we can arrange that in two different ways. Any day that we are open, your group can pay a $100 private fee and all your games will be private games with just your own private group. We will rotate you on and off the fields, alternating with our general admission groups.

We also can open on days we are normally closed, or after hours so you can book in on a day we are not open, and use the entire facility for yourselves. You can choose from a 2 hour Nerf Party for $25 each or a 3 hour Paintball Party for $45 each. Both have a $400 minimum deposit. Private Groups are normally for Corporate team building events, large school functions, but even small birthday parties have taken advantage of our completely private facility for parties. You can book it yourself right now on-line, or contact any of our Locations and we’d be happy to help.