Online Paintball Waivers are a Snap!

Each Player must have a current paintball waiver.

Paintball Waivers are good for the calendar Year

Online Paintball Waivers are good for the Calendar Year

If you played this year, we can look up your paintball waiver.

If it was on paper or last year – Do another! If not sure, you can look it up by starting to do a new one.

Do a Waiver for Each Location

You must have a Waiver for Each Location

If you did one before at a different GatSplat – please do another.

Each franchise is independently owned and operated so you we need a waiver for each location you play.

Must be 18 to do a Paintball waiver

If under 18, a Parent Must Sign

Parents or guardians can sign online for themselves and up to 6 minors at one time.

If on paper, each player must have an independent waiver. (So do it online! Much Faster and Easier!)

Complete a Paintball waiver with your computer or phone

Use a Computer or Phone

Sign with a finger or your mouse.

Yea, we know, the signature will not be pretty. We’re ok with that! And we even have a iPhone Waiver App you can use!

Online Waivers are Green


Online will be faster and easier – but if you can’t…

Here is the link to the paper version. And please remember – if on paper – you need one each time you play.

Sign a Waiver for Rowlett Paintball Waiver
Sign a Waiver for Lewisville Paintball Waiver
Sign for a Keller Paintball Waiver