Paintball Prices - How much does it cost?


Walk On Play $40

If you just show up, pricing is $40 per person and includes the Gun, Tank, Safety goggles, Unlimited Air, and 200 paintballs.

Save $5 each with a Bronze Online Reservation

With an online reservation, you can choose from 3 different packages, ranging from 200 to 500 paintballs each and a variety of protection options!

All packages include table space for your group, paintball gun, tank, hopper, unlimited air fills, and anti fog safety goggles.

The following packages are split into Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze packages have 200 paintballs per person, Silver 350, and Gold 500. The average person uses about 125 per hour. Our most popular is the Silver packages, with parties staying about 2 1/2 hours. With any package you can add ammo at the field - and they are all unlimited time.

Package Options


$ 35 + tax each
  • Gun, Tank, Safety Goggles
  • 200 Paintballs each


$ 58 + tax each
  • Gun, Tank, Safety Goggles
  • Rental of Coveralls
  • Rental of Chest Protector
  • Rental of padded gloves
  • 500 Paintballs each
  • Choice of Water or Soda


$ 47 + tax each
  • Gun, Tank, Safety Goggles
  • 350 Paintballs each
  • Choice of Chest Protector or Gloves

Extra Ammo Pricing

100 Paintballs $9.25
500 Paintballs $35.00
2000 Paintballs $87.75

You can add Ultimate Protection to any of our packages.

The two most often asked questions are, “Does it hurt”? and “Does the paint wash off?” While paintballs can have a little sting, much like a snap from a rubber band when you get hit, having full coverage and layers will really help reduce the sting. This protection package gives an entire layer with the coveralls, and pads up your chest and back. Additionally, knuckle shots can sting as we don’t have much meat on our fingers! Rubber backed, armored gloves that are fingerless for trigger control take care of that.

This package is included in the Gold Packages, but can be added to any of the other packages either during the checkout process, or at the field.

And while we use a special non-staining paintball, many people just don’t want to worry about their clothes or their car, so the coveralls make it so easy – just unzip at the end of the day and we’ll do the wash so you don’t have to!

A Free Return Pass Is Yours!

Just do an online waiver with a valid email for your day of play.  Everyone who checks in will get an Email at midnight allowing you to come back any day we are open for the next 14 days. This will include entry, gun and safety goggles.  Just buy paint!

No matter which package you get, you can always buy more paintballs.

Extra Ammo Pricing

100 Paintballs $9.25
500 Paintballs $35.00
2000 Paintballs $87.75

Private Nerf Wars in Keller

Our Keller location can run private Nerf Parties Sundays before we open. They are a private 2 hour event from 10am to noon sundays, and only at Keller. If you want to do Nerf at out other locations, you can book in as off hour private events, and choose gelly ball or nerf for 2 hours for $50 per person.

Nerf Guns and Nerf Wars

Want a Private Group Experience? We have two ways for you to book Private Events.

1. Choose to Play Private During Normal Hours.

If you book any of the Bronze, Silver or Gold packages above, when going through the booking process you will see there is an option for Private Play for $100 extra.  If you choose that option, your group will rotate on and off the field and you can play your games just by yourselves.

Note: Even if not playing private, your group playing against other players in the same ages bracket. We will not have Bob’s bachelor party play against Billy’s 7th birthday party!

Things to do in Ft. Worth or Dallas this weekend - Paintball
Private Paintball Events any day you want.

2. Book an off hours Private Event

We also can open on days we are normally closed, or after hours so you can book in on a day we are not open, and use the entire facility for yourselves.

Choose from:
Paintball : A private Paintball Party is just $60 each and comes with the gun, tank, safety goggles and  500 paintball per player. You can add more ammo at our normal pricing, and ad full protection packages for just $10 per person.

Axe Throwing: Just $50 per person gives you 2 hours of private axe throwing on any day or time we are not normally open to the public!

GellyBall: A two hour event at $50 per person, perfect for the 5-7 year old crowd.

Add Axe to Paintball: Make your last 1/2 hour axe throwing for $10 per person, or  the last hour do axe throwing for $15 per person.

Private Groups are normally for Corporate team building events, large school functions, but even small birthday parties have taken advantage of our completely private facility for parties. 

Come Join Us!

Dallas Axe Throwing Prices

Choose The Right Option For You

Axe Prices

Add to Paintball

$ 15
  • Hour of throwing
  • Training from our Axperts

Standard Pricing

$ 29
  • 75 Minutes of Axe Throwing
  • Training from our Axperts

Axe throwing can be done as a stand alone activity, or you can add it to any paintball package. Additionally, if you have some friends, or kids, who are playing paintball, you can skip the paintball and just throw axes. And since you are here with people playing paintball, you can get the $15 pricing!