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Air for Paintball Guns

Do you change us for air if we are playing there? What?!?! Belive it or not some places charge you for air!!! When playing paintball you will use an air tank. It’s that silver thing hooked to the gun in the picture to the left. An air tank holds the air that powers the paintball …

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Prices for Paintball Parties

Paintball Prices – How much does it cost? Prices Walk On Play If you just show up, pricing is $35 per person and includes the Gun, Tank, Safety goggles, Unlimited Air, and 100 paintballs. Save $5 with an Online Reservation If you make a reservation on our web page, pricing is $30 per person and …

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Our Covid Policies

How do we still have a party in these times dealing with Covid-19? If you’re in charge of party planning, for the big day, or you’ve been invited to an event, you may have some questions. We made this page to answer some of the questions we receive. Please, if you are or any of …

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Closed for This Weekend

Covid-19 Updates In this ever changing time of different rules and regulations from a local, state and national level, we are remaining closed at all 3 of our locations until we are told it is safe for our employees and customers to open up our doors. When that time comes, you will see a notice …

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