VR Arcade In Dallas at GatSplat Lewisville Experience Virtual Reality

VR Arcade Dallas in
GatSplat Lewisville

GatSplat has added a VR Arcade to our Lewisville Location. If you have not immersed yourself in Virtual Reality it is virtually impossible for us to explain it! As soon as you strap on our state of the art Vive VR headsets – the world around you is transformed into any one of the unlimited possible options.
VR Arcade Dallas
With VR, you can battle aliens

Experience VR!

Battle aliens from distant planets, step inside a video game, or explore the Earth’s far corners, all while standing in our VR Arcade in Dallas! You can even play Virtual Paintball at GatSplat in our VR Room. And this is an excellent add-on to any of our Birthday Parties! You can choose to add a 1/2 hour experience for $75 or an entire hour for $125. This will let your group have exclusive use of the 3 Stations for the entire time of your booking. We suggest a 1/2 hour for groups of 10 or less, and an hour for groups over 10. That way everyone can get a good taste of the VR Arcade! And parents and spectators can choose to use the VR while the Kids are Playing!


One Station for 15 Minutes
$ 15
15 minutes
  • Add it on to any paintball package, or just show up and hop in the VR Room and check it out!

Full Room

3 Stations for an Hour
$ 125
  • Birthday Parties and Corporate groups love adding an hour of VR to their booking. Or just book the Entire VR room for your group!