VR Headset

Better VR Headsets make for a Better VR Experience!

VR Headsets by Vive

HTC Vive VR Headset

To have the best VR Experience, you need the Best VR Headset. We have chosen the Vive headset as it is the state of the art in VR experiences due to it’s wide array of advanced features. Lightweight, fantastic graphics, audio, and the ability to sanitize it with the advanced upgrades make this the choice for the headsets we use at GatSplat VR Arcades.

Upgraded VR Headset Strap

The upgraded VR Headset Strap has built in headphones for superior sound quality, and it also provides the ultimate in VR Comfort. Just dial the knob on the back to gently tighten the headset to be secure, yet comfortable.

Upgraded VR Headset Padding

The leather padding not only is a superior selection for making sure our VR headsets can be easily sanitized, it provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

VR Arcade for Dallas

You need to try it for yourself! There is now a 3 station VR Arcade built inside our Lewisville Location. Jump in by yourself, or reserve the room for unlimited play for your group for an hour. It’s something you have to experience!
Learn more about our VR Arcade