Walk On Paintball Players

Do you allow walk on players?

We get a lot of calls asking if we allow Walk On Players. The answer is Yes!  We see scores of walk on paintball players each weekend.  You don’ t have to make a reservation, but it is best to. You will save some money and time by booking and completing your waivers online. 

Even if you are a walk on paintball player – it’s still best to do a reservation. You don’t need a big group to book… you can book in for just one person. We will mix you in with other players in your age group.

It is important to note that we are a .50 caliber low impact facility. Sometimes when people ask about Walk On players, they are talking about the tournament style players who have their own equipment. We do not allow any .68 caliber guns or outside ammo.

Kids, Parents, Families - All Welcome!

Sometimes a dad and some kids will show up without a reservation. That's ok with us, we'll get you playing if we have room, but some days we are pretty full, so it is best to try to do a reservation in advance instead of just being a walk on paintball player.