Walk On Paintball Games

Many people wonder; “Do they need a group to play?” NO! You can come with just one person, or 2 or 3, whatever you want. We call that Walk On Paintball.  So how does that work? Easy!

The first step is to Make A Reservation. Then you can do an Online Waiver.   Then you show up for your time to play.  At Gatsplat, we want to make sure everyone has fun, and beginner players play against other beginners.  When you come in, we will put a different color wrist band on you depending on your age, and experience.  Then we call our games by the wrist band colors, so we won’t have little Jimmies birthday party playing against Bob’s Bachelor party.  This goes for walk on paintball players as well as groups.  We’ll just mix you in with other people what will be fun for you to play with.Walk On Paintball Open Play

You’ll see when you do your reservation, that we will give you some age brackets to choose from.   The young kids in the 6-11 age bracket can play just amongst themselves.  If you are in a situation like a mom or dad with a 8 year old, we’ll put you in the “Mixed Age Bracket” and you will both use the smaller 50 caliber paintball guns.

After all.. dads are normally just slower and bigger targets! And what kid doesn’t want the chance to shoot their dad!

It’s just another one of the things that makes Gatsplat different from the rest!

Special Note, we do not get a lot of advanced players, and do not allow electronic guns on our fields.  If you have your own equipment, please read our Equipment owners page to give you more information.