Private Paintball Games

Would your group like to play Private Paintball Games??
Or Private Nerf Games?
We have lots of options for you!

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Three Ways to Make it a more Private Paintball Event

Depending on the number of guests you are bringing, the day you want to come in, and your budget, we have multiple options for you to play private paintball games. Remember that we keep our groups playing with others that they match up with so, just because you have a group of 9 year old players, does not mean you have to do a private event. We will just let them play with other kids in their same age bracket. But if you do want a private experience, check out the choices below!

Choose to have your private paintball event and have your group play by themselves during our normal time. This option is just $100 for the entire day.

Private Paintball Games In Rotation

If coming during our normal open times, but you don’t want to mix with the crowd, this is your best option! We call your group to play a few private games. Then you rotate out, clean off your hits, and by the time you’ve caught your breath, we’ll call you back out to play privately again. This is a $100 add-on option for the group. Choose the standard Paintball Package, or during the week you can choose the 6, 10 or 15 person packages. Also available for Nerf Parties.

Off Hour Private Event

Book the entire facility on off hours for just a $400 (plus tax) deposit.

Paintball Pricing is $45 per person with a $400 minimum for up to 3 hours of paintball play including the gun, tank, safety goggles and 300 paintballs each. A perfect Team Building Corporate Event – talk about a Hostile Take Over!

This option is equally popular with bachelor parties, school events, or just a party that wants the ultimate private experience.

Nerf Pricing is $25 per person with a $400 plus tax minimum for up to 2 hours of play. Includes Guns and all ammo or bring your own!

Team building events are popular for private paintball events